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Airport City Traffic Manager is an experienced game as it can be played by all ages and is completely free to download. This game is provided by Game Insight - a game company focused on simulation games. When you come into this simulation world, you will enjoy the working feeling and experience the wonderful points on the platform. Not only that, you can take direct control of your plane to the land we once dreamed of. Come to this flight, the manufacturer will provide the best service to make you satisfied with the service of this game.

Game skills equip you

When you enter your flight in Airport City Transport Manager, test your flying skills or how you command aviation units for free. You can then develop more airports and build your own private jet collection.

Second, you become a tycoon who controls all activities in this world. The main task is to build and improve the city, turn it into a world with your own style and profit, maintain the airport or implement future plans.

Build interactions between friends

In the Airport City Traffic Manager you can meet like-minded people and exchange ideas. The players here are very diverse, some people participate because they have a strong interest in flying airplanes or like to fly their own private jet to explore the countries they want to visit once... You can also participate in the game. They take part in major events. To strengthen unity, you build a solid alliance, and you collect some funds to provide services for upcoming projects.

Good stuff when you join the game

When you come to the Airport City Traffic Manager, not only can you take the flight, but the player will get a good guide through the game. From the first step you learned the flight rules and showed the player how to use the plane. During the game you just set the target anywhere and it will show you the route and the most reasonable way to fly. All you have to do is sit on the plane and follow the actions clearly outlined in the game.

Expand airport size

Once you earn enough money, you can turn the vacant lot into another place. For example, they are opening more hotel chains, restaurant chains and other luxury services. There you can invite your friends and attract the attention of investors. Ask them to help you open more branches and increase profits, and players can also become tycoons in many different airport locations.

main feature

Test your flight captain skills, build your own airport and get your own plane.

Build a city, upgrade it into a unique metropolis and earn money to cover the needs of the airport.

Be in charge of an international transport hub with a variety of interesting buildings and travel destinations.

Increase the number of tourists by improving airport and metropolitan infrastructure.

Interact with other players who have a common interest in city simulator, flight simulator and aviation games.

Forge strategic partnerships and participate in unique events.

Take your plane and travel around the world.

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