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Springe Horror Game - terrifying and incredibly atmospheric horror questfor android devices.

Escape the deadly demon

In Springe Horror Game, you will play the role of a hunter for the supernatural, but something went wrong in one of your missions and you ended up locked up in a women's prison. You understand that you are trapped and, by coincidence, have switched roles with the demon, now you are a victim, and the monster is a hunter. Elizazdra is the most dangerous demon who drove him crazy and then brutally killed everyone he met. Can you survive?

Find the keys

Explore the terrifying locations of an abandoned prison, look for clues, useful items and room keys, perhaps in one of them you can find your salvation. Watch carefully and listen to every rustle, the demon can attack at any second, be on the alert! Do not attract the monster with noise, act quietly, solve puzzles, hide, run, fight, try to survive and find a way out of this damned place. Эту игру можно скачать в официальном Google Play Маркет.