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Spirits of Anglerwood Forest - atmospheric, adventure quest for android devices .

Every night will be a dangerous challenge

In Spirits of Anglerwood Forest you have to play for Edgar Fenn, first look of a simple country boy. His father showed a strange ritual, after which, in the morning, the boy’s parents disappeared without a trace and now Edgar is trying to find them. Each night will be a dangerous test for the hero and in order to survive it, it is important to light all the flashlights found in the forest and protect yourself from spirits.

12 chapters intriguing plot

During the day you will explore the territory, interrogate the locals, but at night it is important to protect yourself from spirits, which, as it turned out, you only see. The further you go into the dangerous forest, the more secrets you will reveal about your family and find out who you really are. You will find 12 plot chapters worked out to the smallest detail, atmospheric locations, secrets, puzzles, dangerous spirits and interesting trials. Эту игру можно скачать в официальном Google Play Маркет.