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● Приобретена полная версия игры;
● Отключена реклама.
Luntik: Heroic Stories! Game for children - colorful arcade for children for android devices.

Adventures with your favorite heroes

Bright, fun and at the same time useful entertainment for little fans of Luntik and not only! This arcade will offer you to plunge into the world of exciting adventures and entertaining mini-games, which will not only be a great leisure for you, wherever and whenever you like, but will also give valuable experience, help to develop logic and attentiveness. Here you will also find animated stories with your favorite characters, which will further brighten up the time spent playing the game.

Exciting educational mini-games

Luntik: Heroic Stories! The game for children will delight you throughout the game with its entertaining puzzles and arcades. Here you can collect jigsaw puzzles, race in an obstacle course, catch falling objects, and also evaluate many other entertainments that will help in the development of intelligence. Bright and funny characters, simple rules of the game, colorful graphics and a fabulous atmosphere - all this you will find in Luntik: Heroic Stories! Game for children. Эту игру можно скачать в официальном Google Play Маркет.