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Cyber ​​Retro Punk 2069 | Offline Cyberpunk Shooter - colorful and stylish first-person action shooter for androiddevices.

Beautiful and dynamic

Awesome first-person shooter action featuring its incredibly high quality gaming the process closest to consoles. In Cyber ​​Retro punk 2069 | Offline Cyberpunk Shooter you will travel to the near-dystopian future, a city of 17 criminalized because of the rule of sinister but incredibly powerful corporations. Do you have to go out into the streets of city 17 and start fighting crime and corruption with the help of brute force, do you have enough strength to rebel?

High-quality gameplay and graphics

Cyber ​​Retro punk 2069 | Offline Cyberpunk Shooter has all the qualities of a modern first-person shooter: detailed 3D graphics with high-quality visual effects, worked up to the smallest detail by the gameplay and a huge arsenal of weapons. You have a real crazy adventure in the style of retro futurism, atmospheric soundtrack, epic shootings and complex enemies. Эту игру можно скачать в официальном Google Play Маркет.